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Montreal Gazette

Homesync is named Canada's top Control4 dealer in 2020

15 October 2020

We are very proud to announce that Homesync has once again been awarded the prestigious title of top Control4 dealer in Canada.

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Montreal Gazette

An exceptional residence in an enchanting site

11 September 2020

Equipped with the latest news in wifi network, audio / video, lighting control, smart blinds, home cinema and security by our team of experts, all in a truly smart home, and not a single cable in sight!

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Montreal Gazette

Rest Easy: Making the most of home automation

17 November 2018

The Gazette spoke with Homesync to discuss the role of home automation today, and in the future. We visit a prestigious residential project in Laval.

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Journal de Montréal

The Smart Home: Within Reach

9 June 2018

Le Journal de Montréal interviewed Homesync to discuss the rapid growth of the smart home market and the democratization of home automation standards and products. We also give them the inside scoop on the hottest brands available.

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Montreal Gazette

How home technology enhances the experience at YUL Condominiums

16 Oct 2018

Homesync worked closely with YUL to help them engineer and conceptualize everything that was smart condo in their project.

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Ville Montreal

Homesync Brings Technological Advancement to Montreal, Receiving a Prestigious Title in Home Automation

21 February 2018

Control4, the world's leading custom home automation system provider, has awarded the title of the largest integrator in Canada to Homesync, a Montreal based company.

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Montreal Gazette

Are we there yet? Riding the wave of home automation

4 February 2018

The Gazette spoke with Homesync to discuss the role of home automation today, and in the future. We visit a prestigious residential project in Ville Mont-Royal.

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La Journal Metro

Homesync at Gala Alpha 2017

26 May 2017

On May 25, the 33rd edition of the Alpha Gala was organized by the Saint-Laurent-Mont-Royal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Homesync won the grand prize in the Services and Construction category.

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When It Comes to Smart Homes, the Future Is Already Here

12 April 2017

Smart homes are gaining popularity and becoming more accessible. To discuss this, Bose interviewed Homesync, which carries out large-scale custom home automation projects.

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Building from the Ground Up

16 January 2017

A visit to the prestigious family home of the racing driver Alexandre Tagliani. Among other things, we discover how home automation has been integrated into the design, in addition to the impressive home theater.

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A Soldier with Good Manners

9 January 2017

The portrait of the founder of Homesync by La Presse +. It reveals the history of Homesync, the future vision and the values ​​on which the company was founded.

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Montreal Gazette

Smart homes: The Internet of Things moving us toward connected homes

12 August 2016

Alexandre Tagliani presents his new residence, built from the vision he had of a modern and intelligent house. It shows Homesync's work with the complete integration of lighting, temperature control, audio-video systems, and motorized blinds.

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Alex Tagliani Smart Home: Alex Learns the Details of Surround Sound

7 June 2016

An integrator at Homesync discusses plans for the new Dolby Atmos 9.2.4 home theater that will be installed in the new house of the car driver Alexander Tagliani.

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